Client Acquisition Strategies For Niche Agencies With Kyle Robins & Alex Grieco, Co-Founders Maximum Floats


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Watch The Interview Here:

Mike Gadsby

Chief Innovation Officer O3 World


Mike has over 20 years of experience advising startups and Fortune 500 brands. He oversees innovation and strategy at O3 as well as O3’s Labs and Venture programs.


O3 World

50+ person digital product agency that helps companies with strategy, experience design and technology.


In This Episode You'll Learn:

About Our Guest

  • Why it’s important to hire consultants vs just individual contributors 
  • Why you should consider having multiple tracks for your employees 
  • The most important attributes to look for in leadership hires as you grow your team. 
  • How to leverage existing engagements to drive agency growth
  • What freelancers can do to start charging more money for their work.
  • How building a professional partner network can change your business
  • The important steps freelancers can take to become an agency
  • The strategy smaller agencies can leverage to land big accounts with other agencies.
  • If you should ever do work for free. (mike and I might have different views on this)
  • Why you need to be partnering with bigger agencies.
  • When it might make sense to invest capital into a client’s project

March 10 2020

Open Agency Podcast 004:

Partner Networks, Leadership Hiring, And How To Grow An Agency To 50+ Employees With Mike Gadsby

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12 January 2023

On the show today we have Mike Gadsby from O3 World talking about growth, hiring execs, specializing and the approach/strategies mike would use if he had to start his agency all over from scratch.

Mike was one of the first agency owners that mentored me and was nice enough to sit down and help me when I first started Told Media. Over the last 3 years from when I first met Mike, they’ve nearly doubled in team size to 50 employees. 



Their company has done some really amazing work and Mike shares a lot of useful information that can be applied to anyone looking to grow their freelancing or agency business.

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