Partner Networks, Leadership Hiring, And How To Grow An Agency To 50+ Employees With Mike Gadsby


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Watch The Interview Here:

Kyle Robins & Alex Grieco​


Kyle & Alex are the co-founders of Maximum Floats, a marketing agency that helps float centers get grow their business. They’re a small team based out of Austin, Texas. Check them out below:






Instagram: @kyledavidrobins


About Our Guest

  • Why specializing can help you grow your business much faster
  • How Open Forge builds higher performing teams by niching down
  • How cutting out services can be beneficial
  • Why you will get more referrals if you specialize
  • How Open Forge hired their first employee by doing a profit share
  • Why you should integrate paid assignments into your hiring process
  • How Open Forge can produce higher quality work for less money by switching up how team members work together
  • How Open Forge scopes projects 
  • How to implement equal representation into your teams
  • An approach to knowing which clients to turn down and which to work with

In This Episode You'll Learn:

March 17 2020

Open Agency Podcast 005:

How A Mobile Dev Company Grew To 20 Employees In 2 Years By Specializing with Jedi Weller CEO Open Forge

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12 January 2023

On this episode I talk with Jedi Weller CEO of Open Forge. He shares with us how he grew his mobile app development company to 20 employees in just 2 years. 

How did he do this so quickly? Jedi decided early on to focus on specializing. We talk about all of the benefits of niching down on your target market. Specializing makes growing an agency so much easier across the board from client acquisition, hiring, creating better work for clients, which in turn allows you to charge more for your services.

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