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Watch The Interview Here:

Kyle Robins & Alex Grieco​


Kyle & Alex are the co-founders of Maximum Floats, a marketing agency that helps float centers get grow their business. They’re a small team based out of Austin, Texas. Check them out below:




Instagram: @kyledavidrobins


In This Episode You'll Learn:

About Our Guest

  • How niching down on a specific industry can change your business and explode your conversion rates on perspective clients.
  • How Maximum Floats got 4/10 cold calls to lead to a scheduled meeting.
  • Why picking a specific industry to service can provide clients with significantly more value. 
  • The strategy Maximum Floats is using to expand their service outside of their industry.
  • What client acquisition strategies to build brand more equity.
  • Why you need to be speaking at industry conferences.
  • What to do if you've never run facebook ads but what to get started.
  • Why JV partners could play a major role in building your list and get more customers.
  • Why Kyle & Alex drink 2 gallons of water per day and avoid alcohol.

February 26, 2020

Open Agency Podcast 003:

Client Acquisition Strategies For Niche Agencies With Kyle Robins & Alex Grieco, Co-Founders Maximum Floats

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12 January 2023

On today's show we have Kyle & Alex the co-founders of Maximum Floats. Maximum Floats helps float and deprivation tank owners grow their business. By picking an industry to target and niching down, these two guys have been able to dominate their industry and are known as the go-to marketing company for anyone who runs a float center.

Kyle & Alex cover all the benefits of niching down on a specific industry and how they're scaling beyond their industry now that they have worked with over 20% of float centers in the US. 


We also discuss some unique client acquisition strategies that Maximum Floats has used this year to close more deals and build brand equity.


I hope you enjoy this weeks episode!

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