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I hope you enjoy our first episode! 


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Note that some of the links below might be affiliate links.


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Watch The Interview Here:

Aaron Henry


Our guest on the show, Aaron Henry, is the founder and president of Foundry512, a full-service advertising agency located in Austin, TX. Along with a growing team of veteran advertising pros, he has leveraged complex websites, mobile apps, and frontier technology to drive traffic and facilitate user engagement for some of the world’s largest brands like Foursquare, Jägermeister, CHI St. Joseph’s Health, Schulte Roofing, and Texas A&M University.


Foundry 512 Website





About Our Guest

February 26, 2020

Open Agency Podcast 001:

Our First Episode & Our First $1 Million Year With Our Agency Using 3 Sales Channels

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12 January 2023

Today's a really exciting day because we officially launched the open agency podcast!

On the podcast we'll be bringing on experts and business owners in the agency/consulting/billable hours world to talk about growing an agency. ​

This episode is a little bit different then most- I give everyone an idea what the podcast will be about and then I share with everyone how we did our first $1,000,000 revenue year with our digital product agency told media. We did this with a marketing budget of $0 and I share the 3 sources of where almost all of our business came from in 2019. 


The 2 of the channels I mention in this episode are free and everything I mention- anyone can start implementing in their business tomorrow! 


You can listen to the first episode here or you can listen to it on iTunesSpotify, or anywhere else that you listen to your podcasts.

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