Partner Networks, Leadership Hiring, And How To Grow An Agency To 50+ Employees With Mike Gadsby


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Watch The Interview Here:

Aaron Henry


Our guest on the show, Aaron Henry, is the founder and president of Foundry512, a full-service advertising agency located in Austin, TX. Along with a growing team of veteran advertising pros, he has leveraged complex websites, mobile apps, and frontier technology to drive traffic and facilitate user engagement for some of the world’s largest brands like Foursquare, Jägermeister, CHI St. Joseph’s Health, Schulte Roofing, and Texas A&M University.


Foundry 512 Website




In This Episode You'll Learn:

About Our Guest

  • Foundry512’s strategy for managing big teams of people on client projects & strict deadlines.
  • Foundry512’s Acquisition Strategy
  • The importance of building a portfolio
  • How and why Aaron and Foundry 512 fired bad clients
  • What the best way to structure and hire execute teams
  • How Foundry512 hires high performing managers
  • Givers vs. takers. vs. makers
  • How the fastest way to train employees in your agency is to hire the most senior talent
  • How to hire your first high performing executive
  • Foundry512’s strategy for getting team members to go above and beyond for clients to align with their company culture
  • The important questions to ask clients upfront to reduce risks of taking on clients that don’t pay

February 26, 2020

Open Agency Podcast 002:

Managing Big Teams on Big Client Projects with Aaron Henry, President Foundry 512

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12 January 2023

We are very excited to introduce our first guest on the Open Agency podcast – Aaron Henry, President of Foundry512. In this episode we dive into how Foundry512 manages projects with 16+ team members, their executive hiring strategy, how they fired 90% of their clients and much more

I hope you enjoy today's episode..

Kyle & Alex cover all the benefits of niching down on a specific industry and how they're scaling beyond their industry now that they have worked with over 20% of float centers in the US. 


We also discuss some unique client acquisition strategies that Maximum Floats has used this year to close more deals and build brand equity.


I hope you enjoy this weeks episode!

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